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This is picture of my son and daughter and the dress they both love and fight over.

I haven’t raised my kids with much respect toward gender lines. They wear what they choose and act according to their nature, rather than something predescribed to them. 

And often it’s a terrible uphill battle. My own in-laws don’t accept my son in a dress, even though they accept my daughter in ‘boy’ clothes. My brother-in-law told my son that only girls wear dresses and then complained to me loudly about letting him wear “whatever he wants”.

Recently, at a princess themed birthday party, where my son was one of three boys among twelve 6-9 year old girls, my son was mocked by parents and kids alike for wanting to do ‘the girly things’ like building a crown and wand with jewels, picking a ‘girl’ colored crown, coloring pictures of princesses, and sitting in a chair ‘for girls’.

I found myself glad that we didn’t know ahead of time that it was a dress-up party or he would have wanted to wear his gown and I can’t imagine what he would have suffered. And then I felt bad for feeling relieved because I’m the one telling him he can wear whatever he likes.

It’s so endlessly frustrating, until I look at these pictures. Because if they’re happy, then I’m happy too. So I had to post them :)

(oh, I posted the spinning picture because that’s the reason they both like the dress so much.)

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  11. mylifeisdotdotdot said: I think they both look adorable! :D Don’t let those parents make you feel bad. What matters is if your children are happy being who they are. Their smiles show it so you’re doing a great job!
  12. singlemomfemale said: That is beyond adorable. Glad to see I’m not the only parent who could care less. What matters is that they’re happy and they really are!
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